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Ubuntu 18.04

Dual-boot or multi-boot Ubuntu 20.04 with other operating systems? This tutorial will show beginners how to change the default OS entry in Ubuntu 20.04 desktop.

This is a graphical tool to configure the default Grub boot-loader in Ubuntu. It’s Grub Customizer, and available in Ubuntu universe repositories for Ubuntu 19.04 and higher.

1. Either install Grub Customizer via Ubuntu Software, or open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and install the tool by running command:

sudo apt install grub-customizer

2. Then search for and launch the tool from application menu.

3. When Grub Customizer opens, do:

  • navigate to General settings tab.
  • Select an OS entry as default from the drop-down box after ‘predefined’
  • You may also change other settings: menu timeout, kernel parameters, font, background image, etc.
  • Finally click the Save button to apply changes.

That’s it. Enjoy!