Archives For November 30, 1999

Ubuntu Studio, the official Ubuntu flavor, opens wallpaper competition for the next 24.04 LTS release!

Ubuntu Studio is one of the official Ubuntu flavors, that features KDE Plasma desktop environment and aims to general multimedia production.

The developer team opens the wallpaper competition on February 16. All users (needs login) can submit their own artworks until March 11. And 5 winner images will be shipped (as optional wallpapers) in Ubuntu Studio 24.04 iso image.

image name Charge by Aaron Rainbolt

Like the Ubuntu 24.04 wallpaper competition, the AI generated artwork is NOT allowed in this one, due to active legal debates and license issue of the popular AI generation tools.

The competition rules include:

  • Submitter must own the rights to the image.
  • Full quality image must be 3840×2160 px. PNG and WebP recommended.
  • No watermark, name or logo in image.
  • image license CC BY-SA 4.0 or CC BY 4.0

Differently, this competition will NOT include any wallpaper that wins in the Ubuntu 24.04 Wallpaper Competition (see link above).

And, due to lack of time constraints, there will be no community vote this time, instead, Ubuntu Studio Project Leader and Art Leader will judge which images win.

The entrance of the contest: