Install Microsoft Office Clone ‘Kingsoft Office’ in Ubuntu 14.04

Last updated: May 22, 2014


Kingsoft Office (KSO or KSOffice) is an office suite for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android, developed by now Zhuhai based Chinese software developer Kingsoft.

The office suite includes: Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheet. The user interface is similar to that of the Microsoft Office products, and supports its documents besides its native format.

Kingsoft Writter



Below is how to install Kingsoft Office in Ubuntu:

1. The office suite is available for download as .deb, .rpm, and source packages in the link below:

Download Kingsoft Office

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open the terminal via gdebi. When it opens, run the commands below to install the downloaded package:

sudo apt-get install gdebi && sudo gdebi kingsoft-office_*.deb


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4 responses to Install Microsoft Office Clone ‘Kingsoft Office’ in Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Kaloyan Grancharov May 22, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    Kingsoft Writer has capabilities that are not present in the LibreOffice Writer. In Kingsoft Writer you can use the find&replace tool to find and replace tabulations and paragraphs. This is an important feature (at least for me right now). Also, in fact Kingsoft Writer opens the files faster than LibreOffice Writer.
    On the other hand, the scrolling of the pages is faster with LibreOffice Writer. Also on the other hand, in LibreOffice Writer there are more available options, including options for autocorrection, dictionaries for more languages, default style for quotes and etc.
    This is why by having both of them installed I am able to edit my documents in all the ways I need.

  2. Chinese office lOl

  3. I love Ubuntu and China

  4. Autotext and auto-correction feature are still pending in kingsoft office