Unity Configuration Tool ‘Unsettings’ Now Supports Ubuntu 15.10

Last updated: November 9, 2015


Unsettings is another graphical configuration tool for the default Unity Desktop. It can be used as a complement to System Settings and Unity Tweak Tool.

Unsettings 0.11 was released recently with Ubuntu 15.10 support and new settings:

  • New keyboard settings: “Shift key behaviour”, “Caps Lock key behaviour”, “Alt/Win key behaviour”, “Numpad delete key behaviour”
  • New Fonts setting: “Scale factor”
  • Added “User folders” tab
  • Fixed bug with Unity version detection
  • Added Czech, English (United Kingdom) translations



Install Unsettings in Ubuntu:

Download the installer “unsettings_x.xx_all.deb” at the bottom of its official web page:

Unsettings Home Page

Then click install it via Ubuntu Software Center, Gdebi, or dpkg command.

Once installed, launch it from Unity Dash or from-in System Settings at next login.



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