Krita 4.0.4 Released with Numerous Bug-fixes

Last updated: June 27, 2018


The open-source painting software Krita 4.0.4 was released a few days ago as the fourth bugfix release for Krita 4.0 series.

Here is the list of bug fixes in Krita 4.0.4:

  • Fix artefacts when painting with a pixel brush on a transparency mask
  • Fix a race condition when using generator layers
  • Fix a crash when editing a transform mask
  • Add preset memory to the Ten Brushes Script, to make switching back and forward between brush presets more smooth.
  • Improve the performance of the stroke layer style
  • Do not allow nesting of .kra files: using a .kra file with embedded file layers as a file layer would break on loading.
  • Keep the alpha channel when applying the threshold filter
  • Do not use the name of the bundle file as a tag automatically
  • Fix selecting colors when using the python palette docker script
  • Restore the last used colors on starting Krita, not when creating a new view
  • Allow creating a layer group if the currently selected node is a mask
  • Show the correct opacity in the segment gradient editor
  • Remove the obsolete shortcuts for the old text and artistic text tool
  • Allow setting the multibrush angle in fractions
  • Fix painting of pass-through group layers in isolated mode
  • Improve performance of loading OpenEXR files
  • Autosaving will now happen even if Krita is kept very busy
  • Improve loading of the default language
  • Fix color picking when double-clicking
  • Fix inconsistent frame numbering when calling FFMpeg
  • Fix channel swizzling problem on macOS, where in 16 and 32 bits floating point channel depths red and blue would be swapped
  • Fix accepting touch events with recent Qt versions
  • Fix integration with the Breeze theme: Krita no longer tries to create widgets in threads
  • Fix the batch mode flag when loading images from Python

Download / Install Krita 4.0.4 in Ubuntu:

Krita Lime PPA contains Krita packages for Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 17.10. The latest 4.0.4 packages will be made into the PPA in a few days.

Krita website offers Appimage, a single executable (non-install) file to launch the software. It’s available for download at the link below:

Krita 4.0.4 Appimage

Once you get the appimage, do:

  • Right-click file to go to its Properties -> Permissions.
  • Check the box that says ‘Allow executing file as program’
  • Finally right-click on the appimage and select Run.


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