Flowblade Video Editor 2.0 Released (How to Install)

Last updated: February 5, 2019

Flowblade video editor 2.0 was released a day ago with the largest changes to workflow and UX.

Flowblade release highlights:

  • Select between 1 – 9 tools to be available via tool menu and shortcut keys 1-9
  • Configurable timeline behaviours: drag’n’drop, composiors autofollow
  • Option to choose between two Workflow Preset options:Standard workflow, file style workflow.
  • New tools: Keyframe tool, Multitrim tool combines Trim, Roll and Slip tool into one, Cut tool, and Ripple Trim tool.
  • Overwrite tool’s name was changed to Move
  • New custom theme requires GTK+ > = 3.22
  • Keyframe editing updates, Edit Action updates, and more.

How to Install Flowblade 2.0 in Ubuntu 18.04:

Flowblade offers official .deb package available for download at:

Flowblade release

After downloaded the deb package, click install it via Gdebi (available in Ubuntu Software) package manager and enjoy!


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2 responses to Flowblade Video Editor 2.0 Released (How to Install)

  1. I was looking forward to trying Flowblade 2.0 on Xubuntu 18.04.1 but it simply refuses to launch, just drawing the outline of a window before freezing.
    Any ideas as to what may be wrong?

  2. Hello, I found that flowblade’s haelp function does not work because the file /usr/share/flowblade/Flowblade/res/help/en/help.html is missing. Do you know where I can get the help files? thank you