Vivaldi Browser 2.3 Released with Tab Stack Feature

Last updated: February 6, 2019

Vivaldi web browser released version 2.3 today with great new features, performance improvements, numerous bug-fixes.

Vivaldi 2.3 release highlights:

  • Option to automatically create a tab stack: ‘Settings → New Tab Position → As Tab Stack with Related Tab’
  • Add an option to show frequently visited pages in the URL Drop-Down: “Settings → Address bar → Address Field Drop-Down Menu → Include Frequently Visited Pages”
  • Custom screenshot file name
  • Save webpage as MHTML is enabled
  • Spinner favicon when a tab is loading
  • Passwords should be viewable in Settings
  • Add confirmation dialog on exit
  • Middle-click on tab Trash pastes buffered text into History search field
  • See the release note for more details.

How to Install Vivaldi 2.3 in Ubuntu:

The official Ubuntu .DEB packages are available for download at the link below:

Download Vivaldi (DEB)

Grab the deb matches your OS, then install it via Ubuntu Software or Gdebi package manager. Or run command in terminal:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/vivaldi-stable_2.3*.deb

In addition, after installed the .deb package, you can enable Vivaldi apt repository (Softare & Updates -> Other Software) to receive future updates through Software Updater:


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