GScan2PDF 2.8.0 Released, How to Install in Ubuntu 20.04

Last updated: June 15, 2020

GScan2PDF, GUI to produce PDFs or DjVus from scanned documents, released version 2.8.0 a few days ago.

Changes in GScan2PDF 2.8.0 include:

  • Interpolate colours according to OCR confidence in HSV space.
  • Limit zoom to 100 to avoid errors
  • Update text position and rectangle when updating bounding box.
  • Add button to add to text layer
  • Add preference to disable device list cache
  • Add mini-wizard if device not found
  • Fix save as PS.
  • And translation updates.

How to Install gscan2pdf 2.8.0 in Ubuntu:

The official Gscan2PDF PPA has made the new release packages for all current Ubuntu releases, and their derivatives, including Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 20.04, Linux Mint 18.x and 19.x

1. Open terminal either by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard or by searching for ‘terminal’ from application menu. When it opens, run command to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jeffreyratcliffe/ppa

Type user password (no asterisk feedback due to security reason) when it prompts and hit Enter.

2. For those who have a previous release installed, upgrade it through Software Updater:

upgrade gscan2pdf

Or run following command in terminal to install or upgrade the software:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install gscan2pdf

How to Remove:

To remove gscan2pdf, either use your system package manager or run command:

sudo apt-get remove --autoremove gscan2pdf

And the PPA can be removed via Software & Updates utility, under Other Software tab.


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5 responses to GScan2PDF 2.8.0 Released, How to Install in Ubuntu 20.04

  1. I am on ubuntu 20.04. When I type instart], it take about 3 minutes to
    open the menu screen, then it says
    gscan2pdf: sane_start: Error during device I/O
    I even reinstalled sane manually. but it still doesn’t work.
    Please help.

  2. I am using gscan2pdf 2.8.0 on ubuntu 20.04. When I launch [gscan2pdf],
    it take almost a minute to open the menu screen. After scanning one page,
    it just skips all the rest. Then it says
    gscan2pdf: sane_start: Operation was canceled
    and quit. It used to work well on 18.04.
    Please help.

  3. Apparently, I had a script named [gm] in my personal /bin, and it interacted with gscan2pdf.
    I removed [gm], and the GUI comes out instantly. Sorry about unnecessary confusion.
    But skipping all the sheets after the first one persists. In fact, that behavior is the same to
    The following error message may be related to this error:
    “gscan2pdf: sane_start: Operation was canceled”