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DeadBeef 0.6.1

DeaDBeeF music player has recently released a new version with lots of bug fixes. This is the first update after deadbeef added the gui layout designer.

Deadbeef 0.6.1 changelog:

  • fixed crash in AAC plugin when mp4 file reports 0 samples (e.g. radio rips)
  • fixed libsupc++ linking issues
  • fixed support for gcc<4.5
  • changed description of hotkeys plugin in configure
  • fixed 100% CPU load issues with certain hotkeys
  • fixed opening files from command line into default playlist
  • don’t allow spawning multiple instances of converter
  • fixed EQ drawing past the bottom margin
  • fixed progress dialog while loading playlists
  • fixed M3UINF parser
  • reverted MP3 bugfixes which introduced incorrect duration calculation
  • fixed ungrabbing deleted global hotkeys
  • added config option to help debug buffering/streaming
  • ffmpeg plugin can now handle dynamic data format changes
  • fixed rare buffering problem which was causing stuttering for some users
  • fixed running without X and/or without GUI plugin
  • fixed mp3 duration rounding bug
  • fixed incorrect scroll/cursor after deleting playlists
  • added support for loading plugins from ~/.local/lib{32|64}/deadbeef, depending on running deadbeef build version
  • fixed bug imposing 256 byte limit on file pathes in archives
  • fixed column autoresize issues
  • removed libstdc++ hacks from C++ plugins
  • fixed “Remove from disk” menu item not being hidden by corresponding option
  • fixed applying “Pin group titles” config on startup (patch from Christian Boxdörfer)
  • improved charset detection in CUE files, not longer allowing invalid utf-8 to go through
  • paused network streams don’t attempt to prebuffer until played
  • unpausing network streams always restarts them
  • prevent loading playlists from archives (treat them like folders)
  • hide the “Hotkeys” tab from preferences if hotkeys plugin is not available
  • don’t build shellexecui if not building shellexec
  • fixed memleak when drag-dropping pls/m3u playlists from file managers
  • prevent passing non-utf8 filenames to progress dialog
  • fixed crash when opening invalid VTX files
  • fixed crash when opening invalid WMA files
  • don’t delete replaygain info from FLACs when writing tags
  • fixed really old buffer overflow bug in dnd handler (kudos to Megabaks)

Install DeadBeef:

Deb, Arch, and source packages are available at official download page.

You can also run the commands below one by one in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) to install it from PPA. Supports Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and their derivatives.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starws-box/deadbeef-player

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install deadbeef
customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10

customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10