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How to Install Celtx 2.9.7 on Ubuntu Linux

Last updated: April 24, 2024

UPDATE: Celtx no longer support offline mode. See

This brief tutorial is going to show you how to properly install Celtx on Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy, 13.04 Raring, 12.10 Quantal, and Linux Mint.

Celtx is the world’s first fully integrated software for Pre-Production and collaboration of film, theatre, radio, AV and comics. It has all the tools media creators need to bring their stories to life while combining intelligent writing and planning tools, storyboarding, and scheduling with internet-friendly technologies. It’s free and open-source.


To get started, click below link to download Celtx 2.9.7:

Celtx-2.9.7 for Linux 32-bit

Celtx-2.9.7 for Linux 64-bit

Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal, then run below commands one by one to extract to /usr/local/:


tar xjf ~/Downloads/Celtx-*.tar.bz2

sudo mv ~/celtx/ /usr/local/

Now create a shortcut launcher for Celtx:

1.) Install required package:

sudo apt-get install gnome-panel --no-install-recommends

2.) Run this command to Create Launcher.

sudo gnome-desktop-item-edit /usr/share/applications/ --create-new

Select icon from /usr/local/celtx/icons/ folder. Type /usr/local/celtx/celtx in command area.

create celtx launcher for Ubuntu

Now search and open celtx in Unity Dash.