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The latest KDE Plasma desktop 5.26 is finally made into PPA for (K)Ubuntu 22.10 / Ubuntu Studio 22.10, the next Ubuntu edition to be released soon.

KUbuntu 22.10 to ship with KDE Plasma 5.25.5. But KUbuntu PPA has made the new 5.26 packages for those who would like to try out the exciting new features including:

  • Adaptive wallpaper that change automatically depends on system light/dark mode.
  • Animated wallpaper support. Just right-click on your ani, avif, avifs, gif or webp file and select ‘Set as wallpaper’.
  • Resizable panel widget.
  • New web browsing and video playback apps for TV.

Wallpaper change automatically according to color scheme

1. Add the PPA

The new packages are made into KUbuntu Backports PPA this time for (K)Ubuntu 22.10 only.

First, search for and open terminal (Koncole) from start menu. When it opens, run command to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

Type user password when it asks while no asterisk feedback,and hit Enter to continue.

2. Update package cache

Adding PPA should automatically refresh the package cache now. But in case you’re trying this in a Ubuntu based system that does not do the update, run command in terminal to manually refresh cache:

sudo apt update

3. Install KDE Plasma 5.26

Finally, KUbuntu 22.10 user or Ubuntu Studio 22.10 (not tested) can upgrade to Plasma desktop 5.26 by running command below in terminal (koncole):

sudo apt full-upgrade

Non-KDE user may also install the desktop environment by running command:

sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

However it’s better to write down all the packages it’s going to install, so you can uninstall them to restore your system easily.

After installation, restart your computer and verify by going to System Settings -> About this System.

KDE Plasma desktop 5.26 was released today. Here’s the new features and PPA for (K)Ubuntu users.

In the new release, it supports for resizing system tray indicator menu. Just like resizing an app window, open date & time, notifications, or any other menu in bottom right system tray area. Then move mouse pointer to the edge of the menu, and drag resizing when cursor become double-arrow.

resize system tray menu

A new ‘Control Center‘ widget is available to add to panel. With it, user may take a glance at status of network, bluetooth, KDE connect, night color, etc, control system sound volume, music playback, and launch system settings.

Plasma 5.26 also introduced 2 new apps for smart TVs. They are Aura browser to make navigating world wide web easily using remote control, and Plank Player, a media player to play videos from a storage device you plug into TV.

Other changes in KDE Plasma 5.26 include:

  • Light/Dark wallpaper that follow system color scheme.
  • Animated wallpapers support.
  • new Timer widget.
  • Change font size of digital clock.
  • Configure the volume step in volume controller.
  • Navigate all applications via alphabetized index in App Launcher.

Wallpaper change automatically according to color scheme

How to Get Plasma 5.26

The new desktop release seems NOT to be made into PPA for (K)Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. But, the KUbuntu Backports Landing PPA has build the packages for (K)Ubuntu 22.10.

Usually, it should be made into either KUbuntu Backports or KUbuntu Backports Extra PPA after a period of time for testing. At that time you can install Plasma 5.26 in (K)Ubuntu 22.10.

For the full release note, as well as other download links, go to KDE website.

For KUbuntu 22.04 users, the KDE Plasma 5.25 desktop is available to install via official PPA repository!

New Features in KDE Plasma 5.25:

Plasma 5.25 was released a few months ago, with great user experience improvements for Laptop and Tablet users.

It introduced the multi-touch gestures support for PC with a touchpad device:

  • 3-finger swipe any direction to switch workspace.
  • 4-finger pinch to open overview.
  • 4-finger swipe down to open present.
  • And 4-finger swipe up to activate desktop grid.

By detaching the screen or rotating it 360° will enable touch mode automatically for laptops that support it.

User can also swipe on touch-screen from the screen edge to open Overview, Desktop Grid, Present Windows, and Show Desktop.

Other exciting features includ:

  • Automatic accent color that follow background wallpaper.
  • Floating panel support.

KDE Floating Panel

How to Install KDE Plasma 5.25 via PPA

The new desktop packages have been made into testing repository for a month. And, I was waiting for the updates to be made into the stable backports PPA until I see the new extra PPA.

The packaging team backported the Plasma 5.25 packages into KUbuntu Backports Extra PPA for (K)Ubuntu PPA.

1. First, either press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard or search for and open terminal (koncole) from start menu. When it opens, run the command below to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports-extra

Type user password when it asks (no asterisk feedback) and hit Enter to continue

2. While adding the PPA, it should refresh the package cache automatically. In case it did not, run the command below to do it manually:

sudo apt update

3. Finally, update your desktop environment in KUbuntu 22.04 by running command:

sudo apt full-upgrade

NOTE: It must be apt full-upgrade rather than apt upgrade, or Plasma desktop 5.25 will be kept back due to dependency library change.

If you’re going to install Plasma 5.25 on non-KDE Ubuntu edition, use command:

sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

It’s BETTER to make a backup of what it’s going to install via terminal output, in case you want to restore you desktop to previous status.

Uninstall Plasma 5.25:

To remove the new desktop environment and revert back KUbuntu 22.04 to previous status, run command to install ppa-purge:

sudo apt install ppa-purge

Then use the tool to purge that PPA, which also downgrade all install packages to the stock versions:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports-extra

KDE announced the Plasma desktop 5.24 few days ago! KUbuntu 21.10 users may now install it via the PPA repository.

What’s New in KDE Plamsa 5.24:

The Plasma 5.24 desktop is a Long Term Support (LTS) release that will receive updates and fixes until the next Plasma 6.

It features new overview screen to manage app opened apps. By enabling the feature in System Settings -> Workspace Behavior -> Desktop Effects, user may hold Windows key and press w to trigger overview.

Running PC or laptop with fingerprint reader? In Plasma 5.24, you may now use fingerprint authentication for login, unlock, and running apps need sudo privilege.

The KRunner now has a ‘question mark’ icon on the toolbar. Clicking on it will show a list of available plugins and how to use information.

Other Changes in Plasma 5.24 include:

  • Add ‘Set as Wallpaper’ context menu option for image file in Dolphin.
  • New ‘Configure Display Settings’ desktop context menu option.
  • Drag and drop moving panel position in Edit mode.
  • Pick custom accent color.
  • Display thumbnail for notifications about video files.
  • The ‘Cover Flip’ and ‘Flip Switch’ task switch effects are back
  • Discover now has option to automatically restart after an update.
  • Improved Wayland support, such as support for colors greater than 8 bits, VR headsets with optimal performance, and drawing tablets.

Plasma 5.24 new wallpaper

How to Install Plasma 5.24 in (K)Ubuntu 21.10:

The official Kubuntu Backports PPA has made the new desktop packages for Ubuntu 21.10 based systems.

1. Add KUbuntu Backports PPA:

Search for and open a ‘terminal’ (console) from start menu. When it opens, paste the command below and run to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

Type user password (no asterisk feedback) for sudo authentication, and hit Enter to continue.

2. Install or Upgrade to Plasma 5.24:

For KUbuntu users, upgrading the desktop environment by running command after setup the PPA:

sudo apt upgrade

For non-KDE desktop, it’s also possible to install the Plasma 5.24 via command:

sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

In case you want to uninstall KDE Plasma later, it’s recommended to take a screenshot of all the packages to be installed before typing ‘y’ to confirm.

How to Restore:

To restore your desktop environment to the previous status, purge the PPA repository which also downgrade all the installed packages:

sudo apt install ppa-purge && sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

For those installed Plasma 5.24 via apt install kubuntu-desktop command, run sudo apt remove command follow with the package names you installed!

Latte Dock 0.10.0, the popular dock launcher for KDE Plasma, is available with exciting new features.

The release introduced floating dock and panel feature. In “Edit Dock -> Appearance” settings you can move the slider of “Screen edge” under Margins, so the dock/panel will no longer stick to the screen edge.

As well, it now supports having multiple docks and panels on the same screen edge, ten different visibility modes, ondemand sidebars, and adjusting background radius and background shadow size.

Other changes include:

  • inform Plasma Desktop about panels and docks geometries
  • provide internal Widgets Explorer dialog so it works in GNOME and XFCE
  • support multiple Latte Tasks in the same dock or panel
  • improve applets positioning for Justify alignment in latte panels
  • support latte centric applets that can use parabolic effect easily
  • inform window managers about docks visible area
  • support Plasma Margins Area Separators
  • user can specify custom color scheme per layout
  • redesign and improve all layouts dialogs
  • use templates for all layout functionality
  • provide move/copy/paste functionality for docks and panels
  • export layouts and docks/panels as templates for public use

How to Install Latte Dock 0.10.0 in KUbuntu:

There’s no binary package so far unless building from the source tarball. If you intend to install it, firstly download the source from:

Next, extract the source tarball in file manager. Right-click on source folder and select “Open Terminel Here”. When terminal opens, run the installer script to build & install it via command:

sudo ./

NOTE that the installer will NOT work until you installed all required build dependents. I don’t know exactly what to install, but I just installed all the dev libraries from the official Ubuntu build package.

It works in KUbuntu 21.04, though it may be too much.

sudo apt install cmake build-essential extra-cmake-modules g++ gettext kirigami2-dev libkf5activities-dev libkf5archive-dev libkf5coreaddons-dev libkf5crash-dev libkf5dbusaddons-dev libkf5declarative-dev libkf5globalaccel-dev libkf5guiaddons-dev libkf5i18n-dev libkf5iconthemes-dev libkf5kio-dev libkf5newstuff-dev libkf5notifications-dev libkf5plasma-dev libkf5wayland-dev libkf5windowsystem-dev libkf5xmlgui-dev libqt5x11extras5-dev libsm-dev libx11-dev libx11-xcb-dev libxcb-randr0-dev libxcb-shape0-dev libxcb-util-dev libxcb1-dev pkg-config pkg-kde-tools qtbase5-dev qtdeclarative5-dev

And after successfully installed Latte Dock, reboot to apply changes.