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pySioGame – is a set of pretty simple activities aiming to teach children some of the basic skills. It turned out that pySioGame focuses mainly on teaching maths but it also covers areas such as abc, reading, writing, colors, memory and more.

It’s hard to put age range on this but children as young as 3 can start playing with some of the activities.

Building this project itself is author’s learning tool in stepping into hobbyist programming world so it isn’t polished as well as you would expect from commercial games, but hey, it’s only one amateur, self taught person coding it in his scarce spare time.

pySioGame Video Tutorial:

pySioGame is available in Debian repository and we can download the .DEB package from this page and double-click to install it on Ubuntu. The only requirement is python-pygame which is available in Ubuntu Software Center.

Once installed, open the game from Unity Dash or menu:

pysiogame educational activity pack for kids in ubuntu 13.10