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tabbed ssh connection manager

Gnome Connection Manager is a free and open-source ssh connection manager for gtk+ environments. It features multiple tunnels in tabs and unlimited vertical/horizontal window splitting.


  • Gnome Connection Manager is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3
  • It’s designed in Glade and written in python, so it just need PyGTK to run in any linux environment
  • Can store passwords for easy access to hosts
  • Supports multiple ssh tunnels for each host
  • Unlimited vertical/horizontal window splitting. You can have as many visible consoles as you want
  • Drag&Drop tabs between consoles
  • Connect to multiple hosts with just one click
  • Grouping hosts
  • Cluster mode. Work on several hosts at the same time
  • Customizable shortcuts
  • Send custom commands to hosts
  • It’s free, and the source is included in the download


tabbed ssh connection manager

tabbed ssh connection split screen

tabbed ssh connection cluster mode


The DEB packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint and source code are available in Gnome Connection Manager website.