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Ubuntu 13.10 Server gui

I’ve written about how to install Ubuntu 13.10 Server. If you’re not familiar with command console you can install GUI on Ubuntu Server:

  • Desktop Environment on local server
  • Webmin on remote server.

Install Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 13.10 Server:

Before getting started, update system package lists by running the command below:

sudo apt-get update

1. To install Ubuntu Unity Desktop, run:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

For ‘minimal’ install without all the desktop add-on and other things that come with Ubuntu Desktop Edition, run:

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop

Once installed, restart Ubuntu server and you’ll see the graphical login screen. Or run command below to start without reboot:


2. To install the light weight desktop Xfce, run:

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

3. To install KDE, run:

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Install Webmin in Ubuntu 13.10 Server:

Webmin is a web-interface for remote users to configure Apache, DNS, FTP, and others on your Ubuntu server.

To install Webmin in Ubuntu server, run command below to download the DEB package:


Then install it as well as the dependencies:

sudo dpkg -i webmin_1.660_all.deb; sudo apt-get -f install

Once installed, go to https://your-ubuntu-serverip:10000 on your client PC’s web browser and login with Administrator account:

webmin login ubuntu server