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This tutorial shows how to install the most recent Chromium web browser as native .deb package in Ubuntu 24.04 and Ubuntu 22.04.

Like Firefox and Thunderbird, the popular Chromium web browser in Ubuntu repository is a Snap package that runs in sandbox environment.

For those who don’t like Flatpak and Snap packages, there are few other sources to install the Chromium browser via native Deb package.

Debian and Linux Mint repositories are the trustworthy repositories that I used to use, which however either has few different dependency libraries or lacks of arm64/armhf platform support.

So, in my opinion an Ubuntu PPA can be the better choice for beginners. It’s easy to install and maintain, though less trustworthy since Chromium does not have an official PPA.

Chromium Browser (.deb package)

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This tutorial shows how to install Brave web browser in Ubuntu in 3 different ways: Snap, Deb, and Flatpak packages.

Brave is a free open-source web browser based on Chromium. It is a privacy-focused browser, which automatically blocks most ads and website trackers in the default settings.

The web browser is available for Linux in three different package formats that support amd64 (Intel/AMD) and arm64 (e.g., Raspberry Pi) platforms. They are:

  • Snap – universal Linux package format runs in sandbox environment.
  • Deb – native package format for Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint.
  • Flatpak – another universal Linux package format runs in sandbox environment.

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Mozilla announced a new monthly release of its Firefox web browser on March 19.

In the new release, the caret browsing mode, keyboard navigating just like in text editor, also works in the built-in PDF viewer.

The Qwant search engine has been expanded to all languages in the France region along with Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland.

In MacOS, Firefox now uses the macOS fullscreen API for better user experience for fullscreen spaces, menubar and the Dock. In Windows, it populates the taskbar jump list more efficiently, for a smoother overall browsing experience.

Firefox Caret Browsing setting option

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Mozilla Firefox web browser version 123.0 now is available to download!

In the new monthly release, Firefox View page now have “Search” function, allows to search a page from each tab of recent browsing, recent closed tabs, open tabs, tab from other devices, and history.

Firefox 123.0 also added a new menu option to easily report web compatibility issue for currently tab.

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This is a step by step beginners guide shows how to install the Floorp web browser in Ubuntu Desktop.

Floorp is a new free open-source web browser forked from Firefox. It’s promoted as “the most Advanced and Fastest Firefox derivative”.

The browser is based on Firefox ESR. It’s updated every 4 weeks, with security updates provided before each Firefox release. It has strong tracking protection, no user tracking, flexible layout, and switchable design.

Floorp provides official Linux packages through an apt repository and Flatpak package. Advanced users can simply follow the commands in its download page. For beginners here’s a step by step screenshots as well as descriptions.

Floorp Web Browser

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This is a step by step beginners guide shows how to install Pale Moon web browser through its official Linux tarball in Ubuntu.

Pale Moon is a free open-source web browser that was started as a fork of Firefox, but now completely diverged from Firefox. It retains the highly customizable user interface, continues to support legacy add-ons and extensions, and runs in single-process mode.

The browser provides official package for Linux through a tarball, the binary package however is proprietary but NOT open-source.

This tutorial is going to show you how to install it through the tarball, though there’s an 3rd party apt repository contains the .deb package for choice.

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This is a step by step beginner’s guide shows how to install the latest version of Nginx web server (either mainline or stable) in Ubuntu 22.04 Desktop or Server.

Nginx is a popular free and open-source web server, that can be also used as reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache.

For a just working version, user can run command sudo apt install nginx-full to install it from Ubuntu system repository, which however is always old.

For the latest version, there are 2 ways to install the web server. Besides building from source, they include Ubuntu PPA and Nginx’s official repository.

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Mozilla announced new 122.0 release for its free open-source Firefox web browser this Tuesday!

This is a new monthly release that include minor new features. For Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and their based systems, Firefox now provides official .deb packages through an apt repository.

Meaning now, there are 5 official ways to install Firefox in Ubuntu Linux:

  • Snap package (pre-installed in Ubuntu 22.04+)
  • New apt repository (maintained by Mozilla)
  • MozillaTeam PPA (maintained by Ubuntu Team members)
  • Portable Linux tarball (maintained by Mozilla)
  • Flatpak package (verified by Mozilla)

Besides providing .deb package for the Stable release, the apt repository also includes the packages for Beta, Nightly, and Dev versions of the popular web browser.
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For Chromium user, the popular web browser is finally to allow VA-API hardware decoding for video playback in Linux Wayland.

Chromium so far does NOT officially support VA-API Video Acceleration API on Linux. However, there are experimental flags to enable this feature, which might work on certain configurations, but without guarantees (See the official Docs).

This experimental feature however does not work in Linux with Wayland session. Meaning the most recent Ubuntu, Fedora, & other Linux with GNOME Desktop.

Just few days ago on Saturday, Chromium source merged the request to “allowing VA-API on Linux Ozone/Wayland“, submitted by JianHui J Dai.

VaapiWrapper has been updated to remove the usage of libva-x11 and the legacy VaapiVideoDecodeAccelerator, in favor of libva-drm only. This means now Linux Ozone/Wayland can share the same code path as Linux Ozone/X11. See CL:4938496.

This CL removes the remaining libva-x11 codes from Ozone and VaapiWrapper, and allows VA-API by default on Linux Ozone/Wayland.

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Firefox web browser announced the new monthly 121.0 release this Tuesday!

For Linux, the release finally default to Wayland session when available, meaning for Ubuntu 22.04 and higher (exclude Snap), Fedora Workstation, and other Linux with recent GNOME Desktop.

With Wayland, it has better support for touchscreen & touchpad.

User can use 2-finger swipe left/right to navigate forward and backward, and 2-finger pinch gesture to zoom in/out. It as well has per-monitor DPI settings, better graphics performance, and more.

Sadly, this feature does NOT enabled for Firefox Snap in my case for Ubuntu. User can choose to either install Firefox as .deb package, or manually enable Wayland support for the Snap pacakge.

Besides Wayland for Linux, Firefox 121.0 also adds Voice Control commands support on macOS systems, and prompts Windows users to install the Microsoft AV1 Video Extension to enable hardware decoding support.

Other features in Firefox 121.0 include:

  • Option to force links to always be underlined
  • New PDF viewer floating button to simplify deleting drawings, text, and images.
  • Option to disable the debugger; keyword on the current page.
  • Support :has() selector, the hanging and each-line keywords, balance keyword, lazy loading iframes.
  • tail call elimination support in WebAssembly language
  • Various security fixes.

How to Get Firefox 121.0

Most Linux that pre-installs Firefox, will build the latest package soon and publish into system repositories.

For Ubuntu, the snap package has been updated to v121.0. It should update to the new release automatically.

If NOT, press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal, and run command to do the update manually.

snap refresh firefox

For the portable Linux tarball, as well as the official release note, go to the link below: