How to Easily Disable Plymouth boot screen on Ubuntu 13.04

July 10, 2013


Want to speed up booting time? Disable the boot screen flash will be a good point. The easiest way to do this is using the Plymouth Manager. Just with one click and someone to shout “Hallelujah!” when you’re finished.

Install Plymouth Manager:

Click the link below and double-click on the package to install it via Ubuntu Software Center.

Plymouth Manager DEB

Disable Plymouth boot screen:

Once you installed plymouth manager, launch it from the Unity Dash. Then click on the disable button show as below:


You’ll be prompt to input user password in pop up terminal window.

That’s it. Enjoy!

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2 responses to How to Easily Disable Plymouth boot screen on Ubuntu 13.04

  1. A cli solution would be better as I don’t want to install the whole x11+gtk stack on a server just to disable plymouth that shouldn’t be installed on servers to begin with!

    If you know which files this thing touches, please share.


    • Years later, on the 14.04 LTS, and at your own risk…

      I disabled the plymouth upstart scripts,
      sudo rename.ul .conf .conf.disabled /etc/init/plymouth*.conf

      Then to figure out what it touches,
      grep plymouth /etc/init/* -C 3

      At this point, I really didn’t have much actually waiting on plymouth,

      rc.conf waits for plymouth to shutdown when changing to runlevels 0, 1, or 6.
      lightdm.conf, but I’m guessing most servers don’t have a dm installed.

      Most of the other upstart scripts gracefully continue if plymouth isn’t present.