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Firefox 53

Mozilla Firefox has reached the 53.0 release. It features two new ‘compact’ themes and separate process for graphics compositing.

Firefox 53.0 release highlights:

  • Graphics stability for Windows users with compositor process separation (Quantum Compositor)
  • Two new ‘compact’ themes available, dark and light
  • Reader Mode now displays estimated reading time for the page
  • New visual design for audio and video controls
  • Drop Windows XP, Vista, and 32-bit Mac OS X support.
  • Drop Linux support for processors older than Pentium 4 and AMD Opteron
  • Various security fixes. See the release note

Firefox Compact Themes

Install Firefox 53 in Ubuntu:

The new release will be made into official Ubuntu repository soon, available for Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 17.04, and derivatives.

Just keep your Ubuntu up-to-date by installing regular updates via Software Updater, and you’ll get Firefox 53 once it’s published in THIS PAGE.

For non-install version, go to the official FTP download page:

Download Firefox 53

Grab the Linux package, extract and run executable file to launch Firefox 53.

Firefox 51

Mozilla Firefox web browser has reached the 51 stable release today, features FLAC playback, WebGL 2, video performance improvements, security fixes and other enhancements.

Firefox 51 release highlights:

  • Users can view passwords in the save password prompt before saving them
  • Added a zoom button in the URL bar
  • less CPU usage and a better full screen experience for users without GPU acceleration
  • Added support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) playback
  • Added support for WebGL 2, with advanced graphics rendering features like transform feedback, improved texturing capabilities, and a new sophisticated shading language
  • An even faster E10s! Tab Switching is better!
  • Use 2D graphics library (Skia) for content rendering on Linux
  • Various security fixes and more.

How to upgrade to Firefix 51 in Ubuntu:

Ubuntu Mozilla Team is maintaining the latest Firefox packages, and will soon build and publish the 51 release via Ubuntu’s main security & updates repositories (check this page).

At that time, you can launch Software Updater and upgrade Firefox after checking for updates.

upgrade firefox 46

Firefox 50

Mozilla Firefox browser has now reached the 50 release, with updated keyboard shortcuts, other new features, various security fixes and more.

According to the release note, Firefox 50 features:

  • Updates to keyboard shortcuts
    • Set a preference to have Ctrl+Tab cycle through tabs in recently used order
    • View a page in Reader Mode by using Ctrl+Alt+R (command+alt+r on Mac)
  • Added option to Find in page that allows users to limit search to whole words only
  • Increased availability of WebGL to more than 98 percent of users on Windows 7 and newer
  • Added download protection for a large number of executable file types on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Improved performance for SDK extensions or extensions using the SDK module loader
  • Playback video on more sites without plugins with WebM EME Support for Widevine on Windows and Mac
  • Fixed rendering of dashed and dotted borders with rounded corners
  • Added a built-in Emoji set for operating systems without native Emoji fonts (Windows 8.0 and lower and Linux)

Download / Install Firefox 50 in Ubuntu:

For the portable non-install version, please go to

For Ubuntu 16.10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04, and derivatives, Canonical will soon offer the new Firefox 50 updates via the updates/security repository. Check out the build page.

At that time, just launch Software Updater and upgrade Firefox after checking for updates.

upgrade firefox 46

Firefox 49

Mozilla Firefox browser has now reached the 49 release, features HTML5, Reader Mode, and video performance improvements, and Firefox Hello removement.

Mozilla Firefox 49 release highlights:

  • Removed Firefox Hello
  • Add features to Reader Mode:
    • Controls that allow users to adjust the width and line spacing of text
    • Narrate, which reads the content of a page out loud
  • Improved video performance for users on systems that support SSSE3 without hardware acceleration
  • Added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video
  • Other Windows, Mac improvements and various security fixes.

Firefox 49

How to upgrade to Firefox 49 in Ubuntu:

For all current Ubuntu releases, including Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04, and their derivatives. The new firefox release will be made into the official Ubuntu updates & security repositories, check the launchpad page.

At that time, you can easily upgrade Firefox browser using the Software Updater (or Update Manager in Mint) utility:

upgrade firefox 46

Firefox 48

Mozilla Firefox 48.0 was released on Tuesday. The biggest change is that Electrolysis (E10S), the multiple processes architecture, is beginning to be enabled by default.

Electrolysis is the project name for Mozilla’s efforts to split Firefox into multiple processes to improve responsiveness, stability, and security. The first phase of this work was to split Firefox into a UI process and a content process.

Besides enabling E10S for some users. Firefox 48 also features:

  • Download Protection: potentially unwanted software and uncommon downloads.
  • Add-ons that have not been verified and signed by Mozilla will not load
  • Better Canvas performance with speedy Skia support for Linux
  • WebRTC embetterments:
    • Delay-agnostic AEC enabled
    • Full duplex for GNU/Linux enabled
    • ICE Restart & Update is supported
    • Cloning of MediaStream and MediaStreamTrack is now supported
  • Searching and various security improvements, and more at release page.

How to upgrade to Firefox 48 in Ubuntu:

The new Firefox release will be made into Updates/Security repositories very soon, available for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 14.04, and Ubuntu 12.04. (Check out THIS PAGE)

At that time, just launch Software Updater and install available updates after checking for updates.

upgrade firefox 46

If for some reason you don’t receive the updates for Firefox 48, launch Software & Updates and:

  • select Download from “Main Server” in first tab.
  • make sure the security and updates repositories enabled in Updates tab.