Stunt Rally 2.3 Released With New Tracks & New Look, Ubuntu 14.04 PPA

Last updated: May 12, 2014

stunt rally 2.3 ubuntu 14.04

Stunt Rally, a free and open-source game based on VDrift and OGRE, with Track Editor, now is at version 2.3. Here’s how to install Stunt Rally 2.3 in Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty LTS.


  • 153 tracks (7 new, 27 renamed)
  • Common
    • All tracks renewed, new look
    • Terrain
      • New textures, bigger 1k, with CC 0 license, more info in data/terrain/about.txt
      • Blendmap noise with many parameters
      • Fixed triplanar uv swap, also now max 2 layers can be picked
      • Emissive light, on few tracks
    • Grass
      • Channels – different setups for grasses (e.g. white grass in higher mountains)
      • Grass density is a RenderToTexture
    • Tracks tab: list sorting fix, more scenery colors, icons hiding, start position
    • Frames per second limitting option
    • Disabled parallax, broken
    • Updated Compiling Wiki, made Windows pre-built dependencies archive
  • Game
    • Dynamic camera bouncing, camera view angle sliders
    • Boost fuel depending on track length, more boost options
  • Editor
    • Pick window for terrain textures, grasses and vegetation models
      • Tab key show/hide, bigger list, mouse wheel on button picks next/previous
      • Fill settings (marked with .) from presets.xml (optional)
    • Game tab with track settings: gravity, wind, deny reversed, etc.
    • Terrain
      • Test blendmap F9
      • Faster terrain editing, blendmap is now a RTT with shader
      • Swap layer buttons
      • Enter – lock brush position (use for big brushes to avoid blur)
    • Fixed selected objects rotation (many) and copy
    • Start position rotation also global and roll
    • Update button on Layers, Grasses, Vegetation for faster update (same for F8)
    • Vegetation model info: count and real sizes [m]
    • Surface tab for terrain and road surface params (split from Layers tab)
    • Test SceneryID button, shows % difference

Install Stunt Rally:

The new release is available in PlayDeb repository for Ubuntu 14.04 and their derivatives.

To add the PlayDeb repository, press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open the terminal. When it opens, run:

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb trusty-getdeb games" >/etc/apt/sources.list.d/playdeb.list'

Then get the key:

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -

Finally update packages lists and install the game:

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install stuntrally

That’s it. Enjoy!


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