Geary 0.8 Released with Redesign & Signature Support

Last updated: April 22, 2024

Yorba Geary Shotwell

Yorba Team has recently announced its Geary Mail Client 0.8 with lots of new features and improvements. Here’s how to upgrade it in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

According to the release note, Geary 0.8 now looks a lot sharper and more modern than before. The compose new message and reply window are now inline the main window. You can still pop the composer out into a separate window through the Detach button.

Compose new message and Reply window are now inline the main window

Compose new message and Reply window are now inline the main window

Another new feature is that signature support has been made into Geary. It will automatically insert a signature of your design into an email, whether new or replying to another.

Geary with signature support

Geary with signature support

Also the new release brings great improvement on database speed and IMAP connection stability, and more:

  • Saving drafts to server can be disabled
  • Improved interface, now using GtkHeaderBar and modern widgets
  • Database speed optimizations to reduce lags and improve read times
  • Improved connection handling and reestablishment
  • Show attachments lacking a Content-Disposition
  • Important bug fixes
  • Updated translations

Install Geary 0.8 in Ubuntu 14.04 or Linux Mint 17:

UPDATE: The step below is outdated! See how to guide instead.

Press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open the terminal. When it opens, run commands below one by one:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yorba/ppa

sudo apt-get update 

sudo apt-get install geary


Above commands will add the official PPA and install the latest geary packages in your Ubuntu. For those don’t want to add the PPA, you can grab the .deb directly from the Launchpad Page.


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