Install / Upgrade to qBittorrent 3.2.0 in Ubuntu 15.04/14.04

Last updated: May 13, 2015

qBitTorrent in Ubuntu

qBittorrent, a free and cross-platform BitTorrent client, has recently reached the 3.2.0 release with a huge list of changes.

qBittorrent 3.2.0 brings some exciting new features, including Qt5 supports, option to auto-hibernate computer, Haiku OS support, highlights files when opening containing folder on Windows and Linux(nautilus, dolphin, konqueror).


In addition, this release also features:

  • Show actual protocol for listen success/failure in the log. Needs libtorrent v1.0.0
  • Support per tracker re-announce. Needs libtorrent v1.0.0
  • Support saving in network locations
  • Code optimizations resulting in a more CPU efficient and snappier qBittorrent.
  • WEBUI code rewritten, refactored and improved.
  • Cache preferences in memory. Minimize chance of settings corruption.
  • Option to disable connections not supported by proxies.
  • Add a save resume data interval option(useful for SSD).
  • Add “Last Seen Complete” column
  • Add “Last Activity” column
  • Add “Total Size” column
  • Show current speed limits in the status bar
  • Episode filtering for RSS
  • Setting to ignore RSS rule matches for X days
  • Add hotkeys and buttons for Top and Bottom priorities
  • Implement peer relevance column.
  • Show reason why a peer was blocked. Needs libtorrent 1.0.x
  • Use the ‘fastest_upload’ setting as seed choking algorithm.
  • Allow to set text options for the toolbar icons
  • Add ‘Resumed’ torrent filter
  • ‘Add New Torrent` dialog has a button for quickly choosing a location
  • Copy selected peers as IP:Port format.
  • Show info hash in the torrent details in ‘Add New Torrent’ dialog.
  • New feature: Remove empty labels
  • Add “Copy name” option in right-click menu of torrent list. Closes #2452
  • Implement tracker list in the side panel. Closes #170.
  • Implement a ‘Completed’ status. Closes #2326 #2483 #939.
  • Columns for session-based download and upload statistics

There’s also numerous bug-fixes and other changes, support for Qt <4.8.0 and libtorrent 0.15.x have been dropped. For details, see the official release page.

How to Install/Upgrade qBittorent in Ubuntu:

For Ubuntu 15.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 14.10, and their derivatives (build for 12.04 failed), the new release is available in its official PPA.

Open terminal from the Dash/Menu (or press Ctrl+Alt+T). When it opens, run command to add qBittorrent PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:qbittorrent-team/qbittorrent-stable

Add qBitTorrent PPA

After adding the PPA, you can either upgrade the software via Software Updater, or install/upgrade it via below commands in terminal:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install qbittorrent


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