Final Beta of Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark Available for Download

Last updated: September 29, 2017

Ubuntu 17.10

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark reached its final beta release earlier today. Ubuntu 17.10 Desktop, Server, and Cloud images, and flavors images of Kubuntu 17.10, Lubuntu 17.10, Ubuntu Budgie 17.10, Ubuntu Kylin 17.10, Ubuntu MATE 17.10, Ubuntu Studio 17.10, and Xubuntu 17.10 are available for download.

The beta release of Ubuntu 17.10 includes 4.13 kernel and updated version of core applications.

Ubuntu 17.10 desktop and server images:

Kubuntu 17.10:

  • use VLC as default media player.
  • Muon package manager shipped by default, as an alternative to Plasma Discover.
  • Cantata Qt5 music player replaces the unmaintained KDE4 based Amarok as default.
  • Telepathy instant messaging client has been dropped from defaults.

Lubuntu 17.10:

Ubuntu Budgie 17.10:

  • Files (Nautilus) 3.26 with Folder-Color extension.
  • Replaced GNOME Photos with gThumb
  • Login screen changed from lightdm-gtk-greeter to slick-greeter

Ubuntu Kylin 17.10:

Ubuntu MATE 17.10:

  • Add new features to Caja file manager: Advanced bulk rename, Hash checking.
  • Replaced caja-gksu with caja-admin.
  • Updated folder-color extension.

Ubuntu Studio 17.10:

Xubuntu 17.10:


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