How to Install The Latest Eclipse 4.7.3a in Ubuntu 18.04

Last updated: May 30, 2018

The latest release of Eclipse IDE now is quite easy to install in Ubuntu 16.04, and Ubuntu 18.04 since it’s made into snap package.

Snap is an universal Linux package format. It ships with most run-time libraries so it’s normally large in file size. The snap applications run in sandbox and they can be installed directly from Ubuntu Software.

Eclipse snap

1. So you can just open Ubuntu Software, search for and install Eclipse 4.7.3a snap package:

1. There are 2 Eclipse packages in Ubuntu Software. Check package details for version and source.

2. You see the alert “The application is unconfined. It can …”. That’s because the snap is installed in --classic mode so the IDE can access user directories.

3. Ubuntu 16.04 users who never installed a snap may need to install snapd first via command:

sudo apt-get install snapd snapd-xdg-open

For those prefer Linux command, run command in terminal to install the Eclipse snap:

snap install --classic eclipse

2. Eclipse needs java. If you don’t have it, run command in terminal to install OpenJDK java environment:

sudo apt-get install default-jre

You can also install Oracle Java 8 and/or 10 via this tutorial.


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4 responses to How to Install The Latest Eclipse 4.7.3a in Ubuntu 18.04

  1. Wow, Ubuntu 18.04 has 2 different entries of Eclipse in Software Center.

    The only one from repository “eclipse” entry didnot work
    The second one from Software Center works.

    Thank you for howto!

  2. Alex Leibowitz June 8, 2018 at 3:14 am

    That was very helpful — I never thought to look and see if there was another version of Eclipse! I installed it manually and then had problems (I believe) with the .desktop file.

  3. Thanks
    I searched for “Eclipse 4.8.0” under Ubuntu 18.04 and it worked

  4. Thank you so much! I tried so many ways that didn’t work but yours did.