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34 responses to Fix Login Loop After Auto Login Enabled in Ubuntu 19.10

  1. At the recovery console you need to enable WRITEs to the disk. Simply run the “fsck” option in the menu before dropping to root shell.

    To be able to do networking, i.e. run apt; also run the networking menu option.

  2. i tried both the option using ctrl + alt +f2 i cant make it work bcoz it says invalid details..
    i dont no why i am sure my password is correct.

    then i tried this recovery mode thing this did not make a change though can you please help it

  3. It worked! Thank you very much!

  4. Thanks, this saved my weekend!

  5. thanks. worked on 20.04

  6. Don’t you also have to explicitly force a rebuild of the initrd.img files after the ‘sudo update-grub’ command regenerates grub.cfg? My understanding of the bug is that the workaround is to keep the nvidia kernel module from loading too early.

  7. That was it. Thank you!

  8. Thanks! It worked for me on 20.04

  9. It worked for me on 20.04, thanks for the step by step instructions.

  10. Alan The Beast / Son of Pantogryph the 4th April 28, 2020 at 8:34 pm

    Wow – thanks! Broke my head (nearly) on this.
    Ubuntu 20.04
    This fixed it immediately.

  11. Thank you! After installing nVidia drivers on Ubuntu 20.04 I couldn’t login but removing the splash makes sense and thank you for giving out the instructions!

  12. Didn’t work on 18.04, just PSA

  13. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Also works on 20.04 LTS.


  15. Can’t believe this bug is still there after all these years – Canonical hang your heads in shame. Thanks for the fix – it works for me in 18.04 and 20.04. I’ve also seen the recommendation to use “nomodset” instead of “quiet” which also works but you see screens full of junk during the boot.

    • You have put me in serious trouble ­čśé with your typos, it’s nomodset. I hope someone would not making the same mistakes

  16. Thank you very much!

  17. Thank you!!!

  18. Thank you. This worked for me.

  19. Crack mundial! Barrilete c├│smico!!! Me funcion├│! Si bien se cag├│ la reinstalacion del desktop, despu├ęs arranc├│ con el update del grub. Ayudaste a un newbie total!!!

  20. Hey guys …… Just here to tell you…. that if nothing works for you in login loop ….. Then try my “unexpected” way :
    1.enter your username ,go through this
    2.below the password section here is setting icon ….just select that ….. There are 2. Options
    2. Ubuntu- Wayland …..go with the 2 option ….. Maybe you ll sort the issue…….

  21. Aamzing! TYVVM!!! Worked like Charm!!

  22. Doesn’t work I’m fucking tired of Ubuntu and Linux I’m going back to Windows, you know the place where the OS ACTUALLY WORKS !

  23. Thank you!

  24. Thank you! Got me going

  25. Thank you this worked or me today on 20.04 LTS

  26. I just nuked my install. Be careful with root, guys.

    Second ubuntu machine that has gone tits up in 2 weeks, the other due to an “upgrade”. This one magically got a login loop after working fine for months.

    Wtf is going on???

    My 16.x install is still going strong probably because i never put it online. The ubuntu updates are killing me. I hate windows, but ive had win7 installs that lasted for years. Seriously rethinking my shift to ubuntu for production desktops.

  27. Thank you! works for ubuntu 16.04(black screen on login).