How to Remove Top Bar Application Menu in Ubuntu 19.10, 18.04

January 18, 2020

gnome shell

This simple tutorial shows how to remove the focused window’s top bar app menu in Ubuntu 18.04 and (or) Ubuntu 19.10.

Gnome desktop by default has an application menu on top bar, next to “Activities”, for the focused application window. And if you find it useless, like me, here’s how to disable or remove the menu.

1.) For Ubuntu 18.04, simply search for and install Gnome Tweaks in Ubuntu Software.

And there’s an option to disable the top bar app menu in the “Top Bar” pane of Gnome Tweaks utility.

2.) For Ubuntu 19.10, the Gnome Tweaks option is not available any more. There’s however a Gnome Shell extension can do the job.

Open Ubuntu Software, search for and install Remove App Menu Gnome shell extension.

Though the extension is quite old, it works in my case in Ubuntu 19.10 once installed.


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5 responses to How to Remove Top Bar Application Menu in Ubuntu 19.10, 18.04

  1. I find Gnome3 pretty much useless after having loved Gnome2, and use Ubuntu Mate now. Yet most of your tutorials are relevant to both systems (and I would guess to all Ubuntu flavors). Keep up the good work. I often cite your tutorials on the Forum website for those that need help.

  2. And how to remove that useless Activities bar at top?

  3. i want to get rid of the topbar completely how do i do this

    • Sorry I don’t know how to completely remove the top bar.

      If you just want a single bottom panel, you may try dash-to-panel extension, which will combine the top and left panels into single bottom panel:

      sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel