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XnViewMP Ubuntu

XnViewMP image viewer 0.64 has been released recently. This release improved the database so that it loads thumbnails really fast now!

XnViewMP 0.64 also fixed a large number of bugs and added various requested features:

  • “Cut” option is missing in Linux
  • Linux deb install in sbin
  • Switching between Browser/Viewer by keyboard
  • Can’t rename a filename if it contains a colon in Linux
  • Added file associations to the shipped .desktop file
  • Hidden folder not shown on linux
  • Right-click on folder tree doesn’t select
  • Import and copy feature
  • “Properties” don’t work on folders
  • On Windows, when dragging a file into folder treeview, use Move by default if same partition
  • Batch convert and folder with only subfolder
  • DB infos get lost with rename in conflict dialog
  • Paste on selected folder
  • Wrong data in information pane
  • XMP/ExifTool pane slow with long XMP data
  • Browser can’t be closed with mouse click
  • Rating/label shortcut can be modified now
  • Layout saved now contains thumbnail size
  • Filters and adjustements use current selected area
  • Keyboard/mouse settings in Interface pane
  • Synchronize with files (to reload Metadata)
  • and more

Download & Install XnView MP:

For Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian, download the .deb package:

XnViewMP-linux.deb (For 32 Bit)

XnViewMP-linux-x64.deb (For 64 Bit)

Windows, Mac OS and other packages are available in official announcement

XnViewMP Ubuntu

Install Latest XnView 0.61 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Last updated: September 1, 2013

XnView UbuntuXnView MP has reached version 0.61. Since the default is version 0.51 in Ubuntu Software Center, the latest XnView brings a lot of bug fixes and improvements. With this tutorial, you can always get the latest version of XnView in Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Changes since XnView MP 0.51:

  • Batch convert: Watermark, stretch image
  • remember item selection in information panel
  • 8bf 64bits plugin can be used with XnViewMP 64bits version
  • XMP-photoshop:Location not more written
  • JPEG arithmetic decoding support
  • Change timestamp can create EXIF date
  • Show always selection information
  • JPEG2000 Export
  • Print in view mode
  • Clean DB can remove files with categories
  • Database has been improved, PLEASE make an backup of it before to install this version
  • Linux, better way to delete files/folders
  • Fix XMP/IPTC import problem
  • Download & Install XnView MP:

    First you may check OS type 32-bit or 64-bit by System Settings -> Details.

    Then press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal:

    For 32-bit system, download and install XnView via below 2 commands:

    sudo dpkg -i XnViewMP-linux.deb; sudo apt-get -f install

    For 64-bit system, run blow commands instead:

    sudo dpkg -i XnViewMP-linux-x64.deb; sudo apt-get -f install