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Getdeb is an unofficial project which provides the latest open-source and freeware applications for Ubuntu Linux, and PlayDeb provides games. As Ubuntu based Linux distribution, Linux Mint users are available to install software from this repository.


  • Install / add / enable GetDeb & PlayDeb repository on Linux Mint
  • Enjoy!

To get started, go to Start menu, search and open Software Sources


Navigate to Additional repositories, check the box where it says ‘archive’. Click ‘update the cache’ button to update package lists.

enable getdeb repository

That’s it!

If it is not there in your Linux Mint edition, click ‘Add a new repository’ and type in

deb raring-getdeb apps games

In the line, change raring to yours based Ubuntu release code name.

Linux Mint 14 Nadia based on Ubuntu 12.10 quantal
Linux Mint 13 Maya based on Ubuntu 12.04 precise
Linux Mint 12 Lisa based on Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric
Linux Mint 11 Katya based on Ubuntu 11.04 natty
Linux Mint 10 Julia based on Ubuntu 10.10 maverick
Linux Mint 9 Isadora based on Ubuntu 10.04 lucid

And get the key by running below commands in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):

wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -


This simple tutorial will show you how to convert PNG to JPG in Ubuntu, so that it reduce the memory size and speed up loading image time.

1.) Install the required package by running below command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

2.) Then you can convert an .png image to .jpg format via below command. It takes “ubuntuhandbook.png” in the current directory and creates a JPEG image from it.

convert ubuntuhandbook.png ubuntuhandbook.jpg

You can also specify a compression level for JPEG images.

convert ubuntuhandbook.png -quality 90 ubuntuhandbook.jpg

3.) If you want to convert a batch of photo images, for example all .png files in “Pictures” folder, use try this command instead:

cd ~/Pictures && for file in *.png; do convert $file ${file%.png}.jpg; done

4.) To convert all PNG files into JPEG files with that same filename but a different suffix. However be warned that if existing file with the same name will be over-written.

mogrify -format jpg *.png