How to Create WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu 16.04 (Android is Supported)

Last updated: April 25, 2016

wifi hotspot

The default network manager in Ubuntu 16.04 now supports to create WiFi hotspot for Android devices.

You can create a Wireless access point in Ubuntu 14.04 using Unity’s default network manager, but a little hack on the configuration file is required.

In Ubuntu 16.04, there’s a Hotspot mode in the WiFi connection editings page that works directly for Android devices. Here’s the step by step how to guide:

1. First disable WiFi and connect your laptop to a wired network, so your network menu looks like:

wired network

2. Click Edit Connections on the menu shown in above picture. Then click Add to add a new connection:

add connection

3. Choose WiFi from the drop-down box in the next window and click Create button.

choose wifi connection

4. When the editing window popup, do:

  • Type in connection name, SSID, select Hotspot mode.
  • In Wifi Security tab, select WPA & WPA2 Personal and type in a password.
  • In IPv4 Settings tab, select mode “Share to other computers”


5. After clicked the save button, enable WiFi and click Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi network and select connect to the connection you just created.

connect hidden wifi

6. Your network menu now looks like:


Finally connect to this hotspot from your Android device and enjoy!


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23 responses to How to Create WiFi Hotspot in Ubuntu 16.04 (Android is Supported)

  1. Hi Ji,

    Thanks for the tutorial , I am following your instructions but I am getting the following error after attempting to connect to the hidden wifi (point 5):

    (2) Connection ‘MyAP’ is not available on the device wlp3s0 at this time.

    Do you know what might be wrong here .


    • I was able to fix the issue by changing the mode in the file located under:


      first It was


      Then I moved to:


      Then It connected fine. Then since I want AP mode, I modified the file back to “ap” mode and reconnect . Now it didnt throw me the error. Its kind of buggy for me since its depending on the order of operations


    • Addicional drivers –> Don’t use Broadcom Corporation Proprietary Wireless Network Adapter, Chosse (Do not use the device) —-> Apply Changes. —> Restart and try again.

      • Now there is no driver for my Wi-Fi card. Why is that supposed to work??

      • how i can create hotspot using 1 connection with wifi connection

      • This did the job. So the tutorial could have to begin with something like “WARNING: Check that you don’t have a broadcom propietary driver. This tutorial won’t work if you are using it.”

    • This problem may be occur because driver of your wi-fi card does not support the AP (Access Point) mode. You should use another wi-fi card driver with AP mode support to avoid this error.

      Are you using the broadband wi-fi card ?

  2. Hey, Thanks !! but can you tell how to set a password for the hotspot .

  3. i dont have a wired network, only wifi, because the modem is in other room.. so, how i do?..

  4. thank u bro!!!
    i had tried several answers on askubuntu etc but none worked.
    but your detailed solution has done.

    • Is it possible to create a hotspot when the Ubuntu device does NOT have any internet connectivity? That probably sounds weird, but my goal is *not* to share an internet connection. My goal is to share files, over wifi, in a CAR, with the Ubuntu device acting as the hotspot + file server. The devices will be various iOS and Android phones and tablets. I’d like for up to 5 devices to be able to stream video files from the Ubuntu device, while we are traveling.

  5. I’m using a thinkpad. Your tutorial works and now my thinkpad can be a hotspot ap.
    Previously I thouht it only works on windows.

  6. On my laptop (Acer Aspire 5750) it doesn’t work:

    I can configure it allright, but when I connect to the hidden network it disables my wifi completely and it doesn’t restart unless I reboot. No connection whatsoever. Tried even with ad-hoc instead of Hotspot, but no difference

  7. thanks for your support….. its a great tutorial for normal user

  8. Good tutorial, worked for me on my Inspiron-7447. But i’m having this small issue with the wifi icon indicator, keeps showing the loading icon. regardless, the hotspot works fine.

    wifi indicator error:

  9. It works on my lenovoSL300/ ubuntu 16.04 & HTC M8. Thanks a lot~~~

  10. How can I change the AP IP address?

  11. How to remove the hotspot connection permanenty

  12. 10Q! for everything! … “(2) Connection ‘Wi-Fi Hostpot’ is not available on the device wlp12s0 at this time. ” How to solve this idea ?

  13. I would like to use 2 wifi adaptors – connect my laptop to the internet with one wifi adaptor, then share a wifi connection with the other wifi. Do you think your setup will work for this?

    ISP…….(wireless adaptor1)(computer)(wireless adaptor2)…….another computer