[Quick Fix] HP Printer got Detected, But Not Printing in Ubuntu 22.04

Last updated: June 11, 2023 — 2 Comments

I got a HP printer that is working good with my Ubuntu laptop. But, in new Ubuntu desktop PC, it does nothing when trying to print anything.

The printer is automatically detected and added in the settings page, and shown in the Document Viewer’s Print dialog. But, it does nothing when clicking ‘Print’ button. If you ran into similar issue, then this tutorial could help.

1. First, open “Settings” and navigate to “Printers” in the left. Then, click on “Additional Printer Settings …” button.

2. In the pop-up dialog, right-click on the printer device, and click “Properties”.

3. Next, click on “Change” button after ‘Device URI’ and make sure the correct device is selected in pop-up dialog.

4. Also, click on “Change” button for the ‘Make and Module’. It should automatically search for and select the best driver for your device. If not, try ‘Search a printer driver to download’ option. Finally, click ‘Forward’ button and follow the wizard until done.

5. If your printer’s still not working after running previous steps. Press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal, then run command to install the HPLIP driver:

sudo apt install hplip

Or, go to this page to download the latest version, and follow this guide to install it.

6. Next, go to Printer settings page, click on the gear button for your printer and select “Printer Details” option.

Finally, either click ‘Search for Drivers’ or use “Select from Database” option, and choose the proper driver for your device.

That’s all. Enjoy!


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2 responses to [Quick Fix] HP Printer got Detected, But Not Printing in Ubuntu 22.04

  1. In Ubuntu 22.04,using lsusb printer shows Kyocera M2040dn . As seen above image HP1200 USB connection showing, same thing not showing for Kyocera M2040dn printer. showing only in ipp but its getting issues as every print.

  2. My HP Color LaserJet 2550N stopped a few days ago, both for me and my wife’s Linux. I investigated the problem with tcpdump, which revealed the Linux was not sending anything to the printer, no packet at all, when print was requested. The printer was answering fine to ping, and administration web server (HP JetDirect) was working fine.

    What solved the problem was running “hp-setup” (from terminal), filling in the description and location fields, then adding the “new” printer. After this the Ubuntu Settings/Printer showed old and new, so I removed the old.

    Now everything works fine again.

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