Install PAC Manager, SecureCRT Alternative in Ubuntu 13.04

Last updated: August 11, 2013

PAC is a free alternative to SecureCRT and Putty. It provides a GUI to configure connections: users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc.

PAC manager in ubuntu

PAC Manager works on Debian/Ubuntu, and RPM based linux platforms. All you need to do is download and install the installer package and fix denpendencies.


  • Unique linux app to implement SecureCRT’s functionality (more or less!)
  • Remote and local macros
  • Remotely send commands with EXPECT regexp
  • Cluster connections!! Connections on same cluster share keystrokes!!
  • Scripting support! (vía Perl code)
  • Serial/tty connection via cu/tip/remote-tty connections!!
  • Pre/post connections local executions
  • TABS OR WINDOWS for connections!!
  • Proxy support
  • KeePass integration!
  • Wake On LAN capabilities
  • Possibility to split terminals in the same TAB!
  • Quick acces to configured connections via tray menu icon
  • Best linux GUI for ssh, telnet, sftp, rdesktop, vnc, cu, remote-tty, ftp, etc
  • DEB, RPM & .TAR.GZ packages available!!
  • More to come (ASA I find time!)
  • FREE (GNU GPLv3)
  • To get started, download the .deb package from SourceForge.

    Then press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal. When it opens, run blow commands to install the package:

    sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/pac-*all.deb

    Fix dependency problem if any:

    sudo apt-get -f install

    Install the indicator support for Unity Desktop:

    sudo apt-get install libgtk2-appindicator-perl

    When everything is done, open PAC Manager from the Unity Dash.


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