Light Table IDE 0.6.0 Released, Now It’s Open Source

Last updated: January 9, 2014

Install Light Table IDE 6.0 Ubuntu

Light Table IDE 0.6.0 has been announced recently with the exciting news that Light Table is now Open Source. All the code is now on Github.

Today Light Table is taking a huge step forward – every bit of its code is now on Github and along side of that, we’re releasing Light Table 0.6.0, which includes all the infrastructure to write and use plugins. If you haven’t been following the 0.5.* releases, this latest update also brings a tremendous amount of stability, performance, and clean up to the party. All of this together means that Light Table is now the open source developer tool platform that we’ve been working towards.

What’s New in Light Table 0.6.0:

  • ADDED: Light Table is now open source
  • ADDED: Plugins!
  • ADDED: Plugin manager via Plugins: Show plugin manager
  • ADDED: Plugins: Submit a plugin command
  • ADDED: Split all the languages into separate plugins
  • ADDED: Beautiful new default theme
  • ADDED: All user settings/plugins are now stored in user data
  • ADDED: Performance tweaks that should make everything faster
  • ADDED: Editor: Jump to definition at cursor command
  • ADDED: Editor: Jump back to where you jumped from command
  • ADDED: Editor: On change execute command behavior
  • ADDED: Editor: Set CodeMirror flags behavior
  • ADDED: Editor: Disconnect clients attached to editor command
  • ADDED: Editor: Open current file in browser command #956
  • ADDED: You can now drop folder/files onto the workspace tree
  • ADDED: a popup asking if you want to update when one is available
  • ADDED: the statusbar is now in it’s own container with find on top of it.
  • ADDED: more hints for the starting state of no workspace
  • ADDED: Jump to definition, and syntax aware autocomplete for Clojure and ClojureScript
  • ADDED: Style: Provide editor theme and Style: Provide skin behaviors so that theming can be done via plugin
  • ADDED: all editors are now backed by first class documents
    • mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LightTable
    • linux: ~/.config/LightTable
    • windows: %APPDATALOCAL%/LightTable
  • CHANGE: All behaviors that were previously lt.objs.langs.* are now lt.plugins.*
  • CHANGE: lt.objs.langs.clj is now lt.plugins.clojure
  • CHANGE: Emacs and Vim are now both plugins to be downloaded via the plugin manager
  • FIX: better LT stacktraces
  • FIX: multiple popups won’t drop focus as they’re closed now
  • FIX: Highlight line is now much faster
  • FIX: scrolling in the command and navigate panes should be orders of magnitude faster.
  • FIX: Auto-complete is now significantly faster
  • FIX: \r\r\n at the end of files on windows #912
  • FIX: :searcher.replace/:searcher.replace-all are missing #949
  • FIX: Light Table won’t open files if editor’s for removed files remain #941
  • FIX: Console sized to zero #932
  • FIX: cljs connection broken with latest CLJS #932
  • FIX: html eval isn’t refreshing the browser #929
  • FIX: Wrap resets after changing tab #905
  • FIX: can’t connect to nrepl in android project #902
  • FIX: The mac .app is now fully self-contained
  • FIX: Tons of clean up to prepare to open source
  • UPDATED: Latest node-webkit
  • UPDATED: Latest CodeMirror
  • UPDATED: Latest vim/emacs mode

See the official announcement.

See this post if you have problem installing the IDE on Ubuntu.


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