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Light Table PPA

This is a quick tutorial shows how to easily install the Light Table IDE in 64-bit Ubuntu via PPA, since there’s no official .deb binary for Ubuntu Linux.

Light Table is a cross-platform and open-source IDE that features real-time feedback allowing instant execution, debugging and access to documentation.

LightTable 0.8.0

To make it easy to install Light Table IDE in Ubuntu, there’s now a PPA that contains an installer script, which automatically downloads the official Linux package from its website, installs and creates a launcher shortcut in your system for better Ubuntu integration.

1. First download the script from the link below:

Light Table Installer (.deb)

Select download the package “lighttable-installer_xxx_amd64.deb”, the click install via Ubuntu Software.

Or open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run command install the downloaded package. The script starts automatically after installation:

sudo dpkg -i ~/Downloads/lighttable-installer_*.deb


If everything goes OK, you’ll be finally able to launch the IDE from Unity Dash, or other Application Launcher.

2. (Optional) To receive future updates of Light Table along with other system udpates, you may add the PPA repository so to get updates via Software Updater once a new release is made into PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dr-akulavich/lighttable

You can then disable, remove, or edit the PPA via System Settings -> System -> Software & Updates -> Other Software.

LightTable IDE

The Light Table IDE has just reached a new stable release after more than one year of development. Now it provides 64-bit only binary for Linux.

Changes in LightTable 0.8.0:

  • CHANGED: We have switched to Electron from NW.js
  • CHANGED: LT’s releases and self-updating processes are completely in the open on Github
  • ADDED: LT can be built from source with provided scripts across supported platforms
  • ADDED: Most of LT’s node libraries are installed as npm dependencies instead of as forked libraries
  • ADDED: Significant documentation. See more below
  • FIX: Major usability issues on >= OSX 10.10
  • CHANGED: 32-bit linux is no longer an official download. Building from source will still be supported
  • FIX: ClojureScript eval for modern versions of ClojureScript
  • More details at

LightTable 0.8.0

How to Install Light Table 0.8.0 in Ubuntu:

Below steps show you how to install the official binary in Ubuntu. Works on all current Ubuntu releases (64-bit only).

Before getting started, please make a backup if you have a previous release installed.

1. Download the Linux binary from link below:


2. Open terminal from Unity Dash, App Launcher, or via Ctrl+Alt+T keys. When it opens, paste below command and hit enter:

gksudo file-roller ~/Downloads/lighttable-0.8.0-linux.tar.gz


Install gksu from Ubuntu Software Center if the command does not work.

3. Previous command opens the downloaded archive via Archive Manager using root user privilege.

When it opens, do:

  • right-click and rename the folder name to LightTable
  • extract it to Computer -> /opt/ directory.


Finally you should have the LightTable installed to /opt/ directory:


4. Create a launcher so you can start LightTable from Unity Dash or App Launcher.

Open terminal and run below command to create & edit a launcher file for LightTable:

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/lighttable.desktop

When the file opens via Gedit text editor, paste below and save the file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Light Table
GenericName=Text Editor
Comment=Open source IDE that modify, from running programs to embed websites and games
Exec=/opt/LightTable/LightTable %F

Name[en_US]=Light Table

[Desktop Action Window]
Name=New Window
Exec=/opt/LightTable/LightTable -n

[Desktop Action Document]
Name=New File
Exec=/opt/LightTable/LightTable --command new_file

So it looks like:


Finally launch the IDE from Unity Dash or Application Launcher and enjoy!

LightTable IDE

The Light Table IDE got a fairly major update a few hours ago by releasing the Light Table 0.7.0. And the 0.7.1 release was out just one hour later with few bug fixes.

Light Table 0.7.0 is a big clean up release with lots of little fixes, but there are a number of big changes that warranted it being a more significant version increase:

  • moved to the latest node-webkit and are now able to track nw’s progress directly since the menu changes made it upstream.
  • All plugin metadata is now hosted on github, this means that asking to remove/rename/change urls etc for plugins is just a matter of sending a PR.
  • Instead of having a disconnect between settings and plugins (which are really the same), every user now has a user plugin. This gives you a place to quickly create commands, tabs, behaviors, or whathaveyou without needing to jump through a bunch of hoops. This also means that your complete configuration with plugins and all can be zipped up and sent to someone.
  • Along with the user plugin, we’ve also changed the syntax of behavior and keymap files to make them much easier to both read and share. No more hunting for the right place to paste some behavior you’ve copied from someone else.

via: Light Table blog.

Light Table 0.7.1 in Ubuntu 14.10

How to Install Light Table in Ubuntu:

The official website provides the binary packages for Linux. Here is how to install it in Ubuntu Unity. Tested in Ubuntu 14.10, should also work in Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 12.04.

1. Download the Light Table package from the link below:

Light Table Web Page

Depends on your OS type, select download Linux 32-bit or 64-bit package.

2. Once the downloading process finished. Press Ctrl+Alt+T to open terminal, and then run the command below to open the Downloads folder as root (Administrator), so that you have the privilege to extract the package to /opt/ for global use.

gksudo nautilus ~/Downloads

You need to install gksu from Ubuntu Software Center if you don’t have it installed.


When the folder opens, right-click on the package and select “Open With Archive Manager”.

3. Once the package opens, click the Extract button and select extract to Computer -> /opt/.

Extract Light Table to opt

When done, close the Archive Manager and the Downloads folder.

Now you should be able to launch Light Table via command below:


4. If everything’s OK, let’s create an app shortcut so that you can launch it from the Unity Dash or Menu.

Run command below in terminal to create .desktop file and open it with Gedit text editor:

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/light-table.desktop

When the file opens, paste below into it and click the save button.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Light Table
GenericName=Text Editor

Create Light Table Launcher

Finally start Light Table IDE from the Unity Dash or Menu and enjoy!

Install Light Table IDE 6.0.2 Ubuntu

Both Light Table IDE 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 were released yesterday which bring various bug fixes and a few improvements.

Light Table is a new interactive IDE developed by Chris Granger, it lets you modify running programs and embed anything from websites to games. It provides the real time feedback we need to not only answer questions about our code, but to understand how our programs really work.

Light Table IDE is now open source since version 0.6.0. The current releases are the first updates and below is the changelog:


  • FIX: styling bug that caused light themes to be unusable


  • FIX: build instructions for all platforms. Add in build scripts for each.
  • FIX: active line in solarized theme (Gozala)
  • FIX: re-enable workspace behavior diffs
  • FIX: Plugins should not say they need an update if there’s no version available on the server
  • FIX: Read keymaps safely so that errors are reported.
  • FIX: remove readlink -f from the mac startup script
  • FIX: provide skin/theme shold work correctly now (joshuafcole)
  • FIX: Catch errors while walking the file system (zoranzaric)
  • FIX: look in 64bit dirs first in the linux64 run script and add other dirs to fix openSUSE (wesleywiser)
  • FIX: line-endings were not being added correctly to the ends of files.
  • FIX: set the default screen size to be smaller so that LT doesn’t open off screen
  • FIX: type in plugin dialog (rmunn)
  • FIX: Add SQL file type back in
  • FIX: External browsers don’t disconnect correctly
  • FIX: remove inconsistencies in the plugin manager
  • FIX: pmeta in :- keymaps didn’t work
  • FIX: better error handling in the local client
  • FIX: make functions return correctly from external browser connections
  • FIX: add to .gitignore (DomKM)
  • FIX: dramatically better line numbering styles for the default theme
  • FIX: line numbers now correctly size and stay right-aligned.
  • FIX: remove use of rtl that causes very weird file name display behavior in navigator.
  • CHANGE: Auto-complete is now auto-show by default
  • ADDED: lt.objs.plugins/find-plugin for use in finding the current plugin dir
  • ADDED: `Console: set buffer size`
  • ADDED: Code folding with `Editor: fold code at cursor` command (efuquen)
  • ADDED: travis-ci (sieben)
  • ADDED: set the save dialog’s first location to a sensible path (can3p and ndr-qef)
  • ADDED: .zsh and .zshrc file extensions
  • ADDED: `App: Disable metrics` behavior
  • ADDED: LiveScript file type
  • ADDED: platform specific startup scripts
  • ADDED: typing : in a keymap or behavior file will now complete based on the command/behavior id
  • ADDED: `Editor: Toggle line wrapping` command for one off wrapping
  • ADDED: Tabsets are now styled as active
  • ADDED: The body gets an “active” class when the window is focused
  • UPDATED: Latest codemirror
  • UPDATED: CLJS 2138


1. Download the IDE at You may check out your OS type by going to System Settings -> Details

2. Extract the Linux package in your file browser and you’ll see the result folder LightTable in Downloads directory.

3. Press Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard to open terminal. When it opens, run below command to move LightTable to /opt/:

sudo mv ~/Downloads/LightTable /opt/

4. Now launch the IDE via:


5. To create a launcher, run:

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/LightTable.desktop

Paste below section into the file and save it.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=LightTable IDE

Install Light Table IDE 6.0 Ubuntu

Light Table IDE 0.6.0 has been announced recently with the exciting news that Light Table is now Open Source. All the code is now on Github.

Today Light Table is taking a huge step forward – every bit of its code is now on Github and along side of that, we’re releasing Light Table 0.6.0, which includes all the infrastructure to write and use plugins. If you haven’t been following the 0.5.* releases, this latest update also brings a tremendous amount of stability, performance, and clean up to the party. All of this together means that Light Table is now the open source developer tool platform that we’ve been working towards.

What’s New in Light Table 0.6.0:

  • ADDED: Light Table is now open source
  • ADDED: Plugins!
  • ADDED: Plugin manager via Plugins: Show plugin manager
  • ADDED: Plugins: Submit a plugin command
  • ADDED: Split all the languages into separate plugins
  • ADDED: Beautiful new default theme
  • ADDED: All user settings/plugins are now stored in user data
  • ADDED: Performance tweaks that should make everything faster
  • ADDED: Editor: Jump to definition at cursor command
  • ADDED: Editor: Jump back to where you jumped from command
  • ADDED: Editor: On change execute command behavior
  • ADDED: Editor: Set CodeMirror flags behavior
  • ADDED: Editor: Disconnect clients attached to editor command
  • ADDED: Editor: Open current file in browser command #956
  • ADDED: You can now drop folder/files onto the workspace tree
  • ADDED: a popup asking if you want to update when one is available
  • ADDED: the statusbar is now in it’s own container with find on top of it.
  • ADDED: more hints for the starting state of no workspace
  • ADDED: Jump to definition, and syntax aware autocomplete for Clojure and ClojureScript
  • ADDED: Style: Provide editor theme and Style: Provide skin behaviors so that theming can be done via plugin
  • ADDED: all editors are now backed by first class documents
    • mac: ~/Library/Application Support/LightTable
    • linux: ~/.config/LightTable
    • windows: %APPDATALOCAL%/LightTable
  • CHANGE: All behaviors that were previously lt.objs.langs.* are now lt.plugins.*
  • CHANGE: lt.objs.langs.clj is now lt.plugins.clojure
  • CHANGE: Emacs and Vim are now both plugins to be downloaded via the plugin manager
  • FIX: better LT stacktraces
  • FIX: multiple popups won’t drop focus as they’re closed now
  • FIX: Highlight line is now much faster
  • FIX: scrolling in the command and navigate panes should be orders of magnitude faster.
  • FIX: Auto-complete is now significantly faster
  • FIX: \r\r\n at the end of files on windows #912
  • FIX: :searcher.replace/:searcher.replace-all are missing #949
  • FIX: Light Table won’t open files if editor’s for removed files remain #941
  • FIX: Console sized to zero #932
  • FIX: cljs connection broken with latest CLJS #932
  • FIX: html eval isn’t refreshing the browser #929
  • FIX: Wrap resets after changing tab #905
  • FIX: can’t connect to nrepl in android project #902
  • FIX: The mac .app is now fully self-contained
  • FIX: Tons of clean up to prepare to open source
  • UPDATED: Latest node-webkit
  • UPDATED: Latest CodeMirror
  • UPDATED: Latest vim/emacs mode

See the official announcement.

See this post if you have problem installing the IDE on Ubuntu.