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DeaDBeeF music player 1.8.0 was released a few days ago. Here’s how to install it in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 18.10, Ubuntu 19.04, and derivatives.

It’s been almost 3 years since the last 0.7.2 release. DeaDBeeF is considered mature enough and stops using version 0. DeaDBeeF 1.8.0 features:

  • add Opus support
  • add ReplayGain Scanner
  • add proper tracks+cue support
  • add/improve MP4 tag reading and writing
  • load embedded album art from MP4 files
  • add File Copy and File Move converter presets
  • add GBS, SGC support to Game_Music_Emu
  • improve detecting GTK theme colors for custom widgets
  • add Copy & Paste in playlist
  • add localization support for plugin UI
  • add Drag’n’drop support from deadbeef to other applications
  • add --volume command line option
  • and a large list of other improvements and bug-fixes (See the previous link).

How to Install DeaDBeeF 1.8.0 in Ubuntu:

Besides using the official portable package, the new release is available to install in all current Ubuntu releases via PPA repository.

1. Open terminal either from app launcher or by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T on keyboard. When it opens, run command to add the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:spvkgn/deadbeef

Type user password (no asterisk feedback) when it prompts and hit Enter to continue.

2. Then refresh system package cache and install deadbeef via following 2 commands:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install deadbeef-gtk3

If you wouldl like to install GTK2 interface, replace deadbeef-gtk3 with deadbeef-gtk2 in the code.


To remove the music player, open terminal and run command:

sudo apt remove --auto-remove deadbeef

And remove the PPA via Software & Updates -> Other Software.

deadbeef music player

DeaDBeeF music player has reached the 0.7.0 release after almost 6 months of development, which brings various fixes, performance optimizations, and some new features.

Changes since the last DeaDBeeF 0.6.2:

  • artwork: added cache cleaner, MusicBrainz backend,
    • configurable default picture, numerous bugfixes,
    • double-click / middle-click on empty area to create new playlist,
    • middle-click on playlist to remove it,
    • highlight current playlist, configurable columns,
    • sort columns by clicking their headers,
  • added “Skip to …” next/prev album/genre/composer actions (Christian Boxdörfer)
  • initial OS X support, with cocoaui, coreaudio and xcode project, only in GIT sources
  • added center-alignment option to playlist columns (Christian Boxdörfer)
  • added 1 and 5 second “Seek forward/backward” actions
  • new title formatting implementation, aiming to be compatible with fb2k, replacing the old one
  • added libmpg123 support as a 2nd backend to mp3 plugin, as default
  • added Tabs widget in Design mode
  • mp3: added LAME preset support
  • various improvements, fixes, and more and more in the RELEASE PAGE

deadbeef 0.7.0

How to Install DeaDBeeF 0.7.0:

You can choose download the PORTABLE build, non-install version (official):

DeaDBeeF Download Page

Or install it in Ubuntu via PPA (unofficial but well integrated):

1. For Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04, and Ubuntu 12.04, launch terminal and run below commands one by one:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starws-box/deadbeef-player

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install deadbeef

Or download and install the “deadbeef_0.7.0-3~codename~ppa1_i386/amd64.deb” package for 32-bit/64-bit system at THIS PAGE.

2. For Ubuntu 14.04, select download the .deb package for i386 (32bit) or amd64 (64bit) at HERE.


The lightweight Linux native music player DeaDBeeF has been updated to v0.6.2 with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

DeadBeef is a fully-featured music player takes use of very few RAM. Since v0.6, it has a design mode (view -> design mode) that allows you to customize the UI the way you like.

Deadbeef 0.6.2 in Ubuntu 14.04

The latest 0.6.2 release was released days ago on August 5th with lots of changes:

  • added “Stop playback after current album finished” (Aleksejs Popovs)
  • added ALAC, OPUS, OggFlac encoder presets (Ian Nartowicz)
  • added configure option to build artwork plugin without network support
  • added new widget for muting chiptune voices
  • added support for SHIFT-JIS charset detection/recoding (off by default)
  • fixed “stop after current” bug, which required player restart on every change
  • fixed –gui command line option
  • fixed GUI seeking accuracy bug
  • fixed bug in extended frame flags conversion between ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tag formats
  • fixed crash when loading playlist from command line
  • fixed loading album art (APIC frame) from ID3v2.4 with data length indicator
  • fixed non-utf8 locale support in console
  • fixed support for vorbis files with more than 6 channels
  • fixed playlist count limit bug
  • fixed preserving file permissions after editing ogg files
  • fixed several bugs in PLS playlist format support
  • improved FreeBSD and OSX support
  • improved charset detection in CUE and ID3v1
  • improved album art column rendering/resizing (Christian Boxdörfer)
  • improved the build system and the output build quality
  • improved detection of config changes, to avoid unnecessary config writing
  • improved support for reading APEv2 and ID3v1 tags from large files (>2Gb)
  • updated licensing information in all plugins, to include information about all used libraries
  • aac: added workaround for 7 channel sound playback bug
  • ape: play files with format >= 4.11, improved error handling
  • artwork: many fixes and improvements, including support for non-tagged files
  • dumb: added option to configure internal volume
  • ffmpeg: fixed bitrate calculation
  • ffmpeg: fixed replaygain support
  • flac: fixed/improved many things in tag reading and writing code
  • gme: added support for loading gzipped modules from supported archives (e.g. from zips)
  • gtkui, pltbrowser: better accessibility
  • gtkui: added option to disable seekbar overlay
  • gtkui: added option to display playback state as unicode characters, instead of bitmaps (works better on HDPI screens)
  • gtkui: added support for design mode to more widgets (seekbak, volumebar, playback toolbar)
  • gtkui: fixed bug in gtk_drag_check_threshold handler
  • gtkui: numerous fixes in widget layout code
  • gtkui: single/double clicking on album art column will select/play the album/group (Christian Boxdörfer)
  • lastfm: added support for scrobbling radio streams (off by default)
  • lastfm: added support for scrobbling tracks shorter than 30 sec (off by default)
  • lastfm: improved support for musicbrainz track id
  • mms: fixed few buffer overflow bugs, improved responsiveness
  • mp3: optimized scanner: less backward seeks during frame syncing
  • shellexec: fixed escaping of single quotes, prevent opening copies of shxui dialogs
  • vfs_zip: huge speed improvements
  • vorbis, oggflac: new tagging code (Ian Nartowicz)
  • improved plugin duplicate checking
  • fixed RIFF WAVE header writing in converter
  • fixed 8bit png crash in album art plugin (Ian Nartowicz)
  • static builds now use -O3 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 compiler flags
  • fixed few issues with implementation of the Play button
  • improved tag writing in converter
  • fixed issues with “background jobs are running” warning
  • changed all wiki links to point to the new wiki on github
  • improved streamer event handling, to make the GUI more responsive and stable
  • fixed cleaning up downloaded temporary playlist files
  • Fixed skipping bad FLAC__METADATA_TYPE_CUESHEET blocks in FLAC
  • added support for uppercase .CUE extension
  • added “mpga” extension support (mp3)
  • fixed seeking backwards using hotkeys when in the beginning of a track

Install DeaDBeeF in Ubuntu:

Download the .deb package that matches your OS type – 32-bit (i386) or 64-bit (amd64) – from the link below:

Download DeaDBeeF .deb

Then double click the package to open it with Ubuntu Software Center and click install.

DeadBeef 0.6.1

DeaDBeeF music player has recently released a new version with lots of bug fixes. This is the first update after deadbeef added the gui layout designer.

Deadbeef 0.6.1 changelog:

  • fixed crash in AAC plugin when mp4 file reports 0 samples (e.g. radio rips)
  • fixed libsupc++ linking issues
  • fixed support for gcc<4.5
  • changed description of hotkeys plugin in configure
  • fixed 100% CPU load issues with certain hotkeys
  • fixed opening files from command line into default playlist
  • don’t allow spawning multiple instances of converter
  • fixed EQ drawing past the bottom margin
  • fixed progress dialog while loading playlists
  • fixed M3UINF parser
  • reverted MP3 bugfixes which introduced incorrect duration calculation
  • fixed ungrabbing deleted global hotkeys
  • added config option to help debug buffering/streaming
  • ffmpeg plugin can now handle dynamic data format changes
  • fixed rare buffering problem which was causing stuttering for some users
  • fixed running without X and/or without GUI plugin
  • fixed mp3 duration rounding bug
  • fixed incorrect scroll/cursor after deleting playlists
  • added support for loading plugins from ~/.local/lib{32|64}/deadbeef, depending on running deadbeef build version
  • fixed bug imposing 256 byte limit on file pathes in archives
  • fixed column autoresize issues
  • removed libstdc++ hacks from C++ plugins
  • fixed “Remove from disk” menu item not being hidden by corresponding option
  • fixed applying “Pin group titles” config on startup (patch from Christian Boxdörfer)
  • improved charset detection in CUE files, not longer allowing invalid utf-8 to go through
  • paused network streams don’t attempt to prebuffer until played
  • unpausing network streams always restarts them
  • prevent loading playlists from archives (treat them like folders)
  • hide the “Hotkeys” tab from preferences if hotkeys plugin is not available
  • don’t build shellexecui if not building shellexec
  • fixed memleak when drag-dropping pls/m3u playlists from file managers
  • prevent passing non-utf8 filenames to progress dialog
  • fixed crash when opening invalid VTX files
  • fixed crash when opening invalid WMA files
  • don’t delete replaygain info from FLACs when writing tags
  • fixed really old buffer overflow bug in dnd handler (kudos to Megabaks)

Install DeadBeef:

Deb, Arch, and source packages are available at official download page.

You can also run the commands below one by one in terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) to install it from PPA. Supports Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10 and their derivatives.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:starws-box/deadbeef-player

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install deadbeef
customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10

customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10

DeadBeef 0.6.0 ubuntu 13.10

The open-source DeadBeef music player recently released v0.6.0 with great new feature: GUI layout designer. It allows to customize the user interface by splitting the main window and filling with button, spectrum, scope, album art display, selection properties, playlist, playlist browser, etc.

Below is my customized DeadBeef interface. You can design it to whatever you like.

customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10

customized deabeef music player in Ubuntu 13.10

How to use Layout Designer

First enable design mode under menu ‘View > Design Mode’. Right-click on main window and choose ‘Insert -> Splitter (left and right) or (top and bottom)’ to split the window. When your splitter layout has loaded right click on each box in turn and add item to it.

deadbeef 0.6 design mode

deadbeef 0.6 design mode

Once done, disable design mode from the menu to apply changes.

What to do if you want to revert Deadbeef back to default layout?

Well, in file browser go to user home -> .conf (press Ctrl+H to view hidden folders), remove the whole deadbeef folder.

Full changes in Deadbeef 0.6.0:

  • gui layout designer, with a set of widgets to choose from (View -> Design mode, then use right click)
  • new API for creating GUI extension plugins
  • visualization support, spectrum analyzer and scope widgets
  • new hotkeys system, which adds local hotkeys, and many more actions to choose from
  • playlist browser widget: a vertical alternative to playlist tabs
  • album art viewer widget
  • selection properties widget
  • button widget: put custom buttons to main window, and assign any actions to them
  • showing seek time in the bar during seeking
  • added worldofspectrum downloader to artwork plugin (for AY tunes)
  • native flac cuesheet support
  • lots of fixes in MP3 and ID3v2 support
  • improved AAC support
  • fixed the context menu in metadata editor
  • added GTK3.6 filechooser filter regression workaround
  • fixed compatibility with FFMPEG up to 2.0.2
  • added location field to the metadata tab in track properties
  • fixed playlist columns sizers dead zone bug
  • new WMA plugin
  • a ton of stability/responsiveness fixes to mms plugin
  • added customizable content-type mapper, to associate network streams with plugins
  • improved remote playlist loading
  • fixed buffer overflow in m3u plugin
  • subtracks no longer get written to pls and m3u
  • warn a user if he attempts to quit while a job is running (e.g. converter)
  • fixed tabstrip scrolling timer bug
  • added GTK3 touchpad smooth scrolling support (kudos to thesame)
  • added option to always convert 16 bit input signal to 24 bit (Eugene Rudchenko)
  • added experimental Mac OS X support (thanks to Carlos Alberto Nunes for the CoreAudio plugin)
  • improved playlist tab rendering code to work better on HDPI displays
  • fixed rounding error in streamer sleep time calculation – that solves some stuttering problems
  • added OPUS and TAK support in the static build (via ffmpeg)

Download Deadbeef:

The installers for Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux and portable version are available in official download page.