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This simple tutorial shows how to install and use Kvantum theme engine to change themes for your Qt5 and Qt6 applications in Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 23.10.

GNOME Desktop uses GTK toolkit for its applications and KDE/LxQt uses Qt toolkit instead. These apps work on each other desktop environment, but may NOT look native.

To unify the look and feel, Fedora Qt developer team has QGnomePlatform, adwaita-qt, and QAdwaitaDecorations projects to make Qt apps look better in GNOME. So far, only QAdwaitaDecorations is in active development for implementing Adwaita-like window header and border for Qt apps.

For Qt app window color, buttons, and other components, Kvantum is good choice to do the job.

qBittorrent (Qt6) with Kvantum theme in Ubuntu

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The Ubuntu team announced the 4th point release of Ubuntu 22.04 this Thursday!

The new release comes with a new arm64+largemem ISO for ARM servers. The iso includes a kernel with 64k page size, which is typically used for machine learning, databases with many large entries, and high performance computing. However, it comes at the cost of increased memory use, only suitable for servers with plenty of memory.

For default kernel with 4k page size, user can switch to the new kernel, by installing linux-generic-64k-hwe-22.04 without re-installing the whole system.

As usual, this point release includes many updates and updated installation media has been provided so that fewer updates will need to be downloaded after installation. These include security updates and corrections for other high-severity bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.” said in the announcement.

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GIMP image editor announced the new 2.99.18 development release today. It’s marked as the last dev release for the next major 3.0 version.

The new release has a new welcome dialog, with Personalize tab to set your favorite theme, icon and font scaling, and select program language, Contribute tab with a few links for who want to contribute to GIMP, and Create tab with quick buttons to create, open, open recent images. It as well has an option to enable on every start.

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For those who are interested in the development of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, the developer team has opened a channel for the desktop installer usability test.

Anyone can try out the desktop installer by simply visiting a page in web browser. It will ask to grant permission to share the screen of browser window (Screen Sharing), so developer team can know where you spend time, get stuck, and go smoothly.

Also it asks to enable Microphone, so you can tell what you’re thinking as you go. And, of course either or both can be disabled!
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Free and open source DJ software, Mixxx, finally released the new major 2.4 version few days ago.

The new release added support for exporting crates, playlists and the library to Engine DJ OS devices, including Denon and Numark standalone controllers.

Mixxx 2.4 added support for Saved Loops, which can be assigned to any Hot Cue slot. If you already have tracks from Serato DJ with Saved Loops, it will import them automatically.

The release also introduced Effect Chains, a set of effects which can be saved and reloaded with all their parameters and individual Meta Knob mappings. Effect Chains can also be exported and imported, which allows you to share them with other Mixxx DJs.

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gThumb image viewer and organizer released new 3.12.5 release this Sunday. It is a small release only contains translation updates and a few bug-fixes.

Bug fixes in the release include:

  • When the ‘Store metadata inside files if possible’ option is active, comment a picture will delete its Color Profile tag.
  • Build issue with libjxl 0.9 for loading JPEG-XL images.
  • In the “Add to catalog”, when “Keep the dialog open” button is checked, the “View the destination” checkbox becomes disabled.

Nothing else!

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Mozilla Firefox web browser version 123.0 now is available to download!

In the new monthly release, Firefox View page now have “Search” function, allows to search a page from each tab of recent browsing, recent closed tabs, open tabs, tab from other devices, and history.

Firefox 123.0 also added a new menu option to easily report web compatibility issue for currently tab.

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GNOME 46 Beta Released for Testing

Last updated: February 19, 2024 — Leave a comment

GNOME 46, the default desktop environment for next Ubuntu 24.04 and Fedora 40, now is in Beta stage. It’s now the best time for developers to test their applications and shell extensions.

Gnome 46 features explicit Global Search for the Files, redesigned Privacy settings page, added new System panel in Gnome Control Center, and support headless remote login. See more new features about GNOME 46.

The Beta release was announced few days ago, and it marks the start of the UI, feature and API freezes. The changes in the release include:

  • Support PKCS #11 smart card authentication in Epiphany (GNOME Web).
  • Add command line options to gcr-ssh-agent
  • Modernises the look of the Bluetooth properties dialogue
  • GNOME COnnections now has support for domains, and certificate verification for RDP
  • Improve image and os rename display in the welcome dialog.
  • Add Preferences dialog for Gnome Music. Remove Songs view, and drop old-style selection mode
  • Add Microsoft 365 provider for online accounts.
  • Add keyboard model configuration support
  • Improve default and High Contrast styling
  • Add openSUSE Leap distro upgrade plugin for GNOME Software
  • Add new-window action for gnome-text-editor.
  • Loupe image viewer now has Shift+Delete shortcut to permanently delete image
  • Postpone the “Network View” in Nautilus.

For more about the beta release and installer image for testing purpose, see the official announcement. And, the final release of GNOME 46 will be available in next month, see the Wiki page for schedule.

Drawpile, free open-source collaborative drawing program, announced new 2.2.1 release yesterday!

This is the first update for the 2.2 release series that comes with numerous bug-fixes, as well as some new features.

The server now implements WebSocket support, which is available with the --websocket-port and --websocket-listen options. And, it’s improved with some new actions including:

  • allow limiting the maximum number of users per session
  • allow owners to kick users not connected to a session
  • Disconnect user who tries to log with wrong password many times.
  • Send keepalive messages from the server, if the client indicates support for it.

The new Drawpile 2.2.1 also added experimental support for high-DPI interface scaling, optimize classic brush calculation to make them much faster, and allow toggling performance-related canvas view settings to avoid slowing down in some systems.

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Gambas released new 3.19.0 few days ago. Here’s the new features and how to to install guide for Ubuntu users!

Gambas is a full-featured object-oriented language and development environment built on a BASIC interpreter. It’s made up of a compiler, interpreter, archiver, scripter, development environment, and many extension components, for easily developing command-line, GTK2/GTK3, Qt, Database, Web, SDL applications.

The latest version so far is Gambas 3.19.0 that includes many exciting new features. First, as you see above, it has a new app icon that’s called gambas-thin. Though, I personally prefer the old one a bit more.

old gambas3 icon

The new release brings huge improvements to interpreter, to make it faster than Python, Perl and Java interpreters in all benchmarks!
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